Ohio Valley Retriever Club


2015 Singles Championship Results

Nancy Schillig and Luke win the Steady Stake!

Cathy Darr and Stryker win the Unsteady Stake!

Beckie Swetlic and Elwood win the Puppy Stake!

Jams go to:

  • Dave Gaul with Sage
  • Dave Gaul with Jersey
  • Todd Williams with Lacy
  • Wayne Babcock with Darby
  • Matt Purtee with Whiskey
  • Greta Ode with Raven
  • Great Ode with Atticus

2014 Lifetime Achievement Award

Bill Ash

2014 Singles Championship Results

Mike Phillips and Star win the Steady Stake!

Abby Dutro and Izzie win the Unsteady Stake!

Jams go to:

  • Nancy Schillig with Luke
  • Linda O'Leary with Alex
  • Matt Purtee with Whiskey
  • Al Jameson with Sammy


2013 Lifetime Achievement Award

Janet Wasson

2013 Singles Championship Results

Nancy Schillig and Tex win the Steady Stake!

Linda O'Leary and Alex win the Unsteady Stake!

Jams go to:

  • Dave Gaul with Sage
  • Marty Bell with Flip
  • Al Jameson with Sammy
  • Mike Phillips with Star
  • Greta Ode with Raven



2012 OVRC Lifetime Achievement Award

Marty Bell

2012 Single Championships Results

Marty and Tank win the Steady Stake

Everett Thompson and Maxx win the Unsteady Stake

Dave Gaul and Sage win the Puppy Stake

Jams go to:

  • Joe Dutro with Rocket
  • Leslie Phillips with Torrie 
  • Linda O'Leary with Vince
  • Mike Phillips with Star
  • Tom Manion with Gene

Congratulations  2012 Master National Qualifiers

Marty Bell with Flip and tank

Joe Dutro with Gus and Rocket

Gretta Ode with Atticus

Dave Gaul with Jersey for ALL qualifying for the 2012 Master National in Alabama


The 2011 OVRC Lifetime Achievement Award

Ed and Nancy Schillig

2011 Singles Championship Results

Greta Ode and Atticus win the Steady Stake

Janet Wasson and Chayce win the Unsteady Stake

Jams go to:

  • Joe Dutro with Rocket
  • Marty Bell with Kip and Tank
  • Ed Schillig with Tex
  • Mike Phillips with Star and Nitro
  • Tom Manion with Gene



Marty Bell with Tank and Greta Ode with Atticus (Handled by Mitch White) BOTH received qualifing scores at the 2011 Master National held in Maryland. Way to go!!!!!


Little Bit of Gold Dust***MH aka: "PIXIE" made the cover of Retriever News as being the high point Amateur Field Trial Golden for 2010 with 8 1/2 points. Pixie is owned by the Bev and Jerry Burns.


OVRC 2010 Club Singles Championship Results!


Club Congratulations go to:

Steady Single Champions: Marty Bell and Flip

Marty/ Gary/ Flip

Unsteady Single Champions: Leslie Phillips and Demi



Steady Single Judges Award of Merit:

Joe Dutro with Dora

Marty Bell with Tank and Blaze

Todd Cooper with Emma and Luke

Greta Ode with Atticus and Raven

Mike Phillips with Nitro

Leslie Phillips with Torrie


Special Thanks:

Ed and Nancy Schillig for graciously hosting the event on their property!

Gary Gardner for outstanding Judging in the 2010 event!

Janet Wasson as Event Chair!




Congratulations to Jerry Burns.... and "Rena"


Jerry and Rena (Bear Branch Princess Irena MH) finished her Master Hunter Title at Marshbanks Michigan.To date, Rena has had an "on track" performance record with 14 Derby points and making the 2008 National Derby List, getting All-Age qualified with two second places and a first at two years of age and, now achieving a Master Hunt title at three. Hopefully, there will be a bright future.
Jerry and Rena


Congratulations to Bev and Jerry Burns..... and "Pixie"


Little Bit of Gold Dust***MH aka: "PIXIE" has had a very good spring and summer. She has earned an Open Jam, Amateur Jam and an Amateur 1st place in 2010. Along with that, she has just qualified for the Master National Hunt Test 2010 held in California. Pixie has a record of 15 for 15 passes in Master Hunt Tests and is totally amateur trained and handled being my first "project" from start to finish. She is "home grown" meaning that she is a daughter of my wonderful Phoenix who we lost this spring on April 18th. May the legacy go on! I know the "Peeper" is smiling down on her today.


Congratulations to Marty and Christine Bell for this outstanding achievement!


As posted in the January 2010 Edition of The Retriever News Magazine:

 Attached is the picture of my 5 Master dogs which all received Qualifying Scores at the September 19-20, 2009 Ohio Valley Retriever Club Hunt Test. I own/handle/train all my dogs. Their names in order left to right are Ice (the dam of Tank, Kip, and Blaze), Tank, Kip, Blaze, and Flip. Blaze, my Chocolate female lost her right eye at a hunt test last year. She qualified at that test and completed 3 more with one eye last year to receive her Master title. All are Master titled except for Flip, he needs 3 more passes to get his Master title.

- Marty Bell